The world’s best pole dancer – Felix Cane

Well nowadays there are 2 world pole dancing competitions but I am referring to the famous Australian lady who got so many women completely crazy about her and who truly revolutionarized pole dancing: Felix Cane.

Now working for Cirque du Soleil, Felix did dancing since she was just a few years old. To make it short, she started dancing very young, around age 11 in Perth, and until she was 15, when she then moved to London where she continued to study many forms of dance, but particularly contemporary and classical dancing.
She became frustrated with the rigid classical dancing rules, finding it restrictive and depressing, and went into other types of dance, even ended up in strip-tease for a while (probably where she got this incredibly sexy way to move while keeping it super elegant thanks to her classical training), and after doing pole dancing for just 8 months, she won the first place of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006! You can see the video from here:

Fore more info on her life, check her biography FB page here:

She has performed in Cirque Du Soleil’s “Zumanity” and has recently signed to perform a solo pole act in Cirque’s “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour”.

Naturally, you cannot talk about Felix Cane without mentioning the very move that made her totally adored by thousands of fans: The spatchcock!

Here’s a photo and a video of Felix demonstrating it (only when you are pretty flexible and you can already flatten your chest on the floor with your legs in a V shape on either side of your chest, you MAY attempt and start working on this move…):

If you want to check out her official fan page on FB, here’s the link:

Here are a few videos, including one of my very favourite pole videos when she won the 2008 Australian title again:

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